Michael Kopecky complements the Geoprospectors team with a focus on international sales

Michael Kopecky grün

With his roots across Europe from England to Ukraine, Michael has been living in a multicultural environment since his youth. Besides his mother tongue German he speaks fluent English, French and Spanish. He grew up in Traiskirchen, Austria, and moved to France right after Federal Secondary College of Engineering (mechanical engineering and flight engineering). There he first worked for a world market leader in innovative CAD / CAM solutions for the automotive and transportation industry. In his last position he gained experience with a startup company dealing with the visualization of 3D data.

In his new position at Geoprospectors he can build on a wealth of experience in selling technologies in need of explanation. The main focus of his work will be on international sales of the Topsoil Mapper. "The products of Geoprospectors, especially the Topsoil Mapper, are very well designed. The innovation of the product lies not only in technical  aspects, but also in the everyday practicality, and in the way the data obtained are processed," says Michael.

In private, Michael enjoys spending time with painting, literature and of course traveling.