SOYL is the market leader in England in the plant cultivation sector and has supported its customers in solving their agricultural problems since 1993. The top quality with which the company applies its methods and techniques, and trains its employees, guarantees a service that customers trust. Users rely on their guidance, which is considered the best solution in the precision-nutrient-management sector within the entire industry. SOYL is currently an exclusive reseller of the Topsoil Mapper in the United Kingdom.



Innovation Optic Electron Systems (IOES Ltd.) is a Bulgarian company for implementing and maintaining modern technologies in the soil and land measurement sector.
The main goal of IOES Ltd. is to provide its customers with new options by implementing modern and progressive measuring, hard- and software solutions, and by combining them in the best possible way, as well as to economically optimise and simplify work processes. Ioes is a reseller of the Topsoil Mapper in Bulgaria.

Eesti Agritehnika


Eesti Agritehnika is a company based in Tallinn, Estonia, which specialises in the use of professional and innovative agricultural tools and global solutions. Eesti Agritehnika is a reseller of the Topsoil Mapper in Estonia.


Agri Precision

AGRI-PRECISION s.r.o. is a private technology company based in Czech Republic. It is specialised in the monitoring systems, navigation and management of agricultural machinery and offers a comprehensive range of products that help its customers to streamline and clarify agricultural production. With the monitoring systems it is possible to identify shortcomings in the operation of agricultural machinery and with navigation and automation it is possible to streamline production and refine. AGRI-PRECISION represents Geoprospectors in Czech Republic as reseller for the Topsoil Mapper. 

Dott. Davide Misturini

Misturini Logo

Davide Misturini is agronomist with a specialisation on orchard and market gardening who advices farmers in the area of Treviglio in Italy. The focus of his company is to provide farmers services to implement precision agriculture practices in their daily routines. The ultimate aim is always to improve yield and to reduce production costs. The company of Dr. Misturini is now a reseller of the Topsoil Mapper in Italy.