GEOPROSPECTORS - develops and assembles innovative and robust survey systems for the detailed motorized mapping, investigation and evaluation of various soils and contained subsurface structures. Our first systems have been specifically developed and optimized for use in precision farming. Only proven non-invasive geophysical measurement technologies, such as electromagnetic induction, ground penetrating radar and gamma ray spectroscopy, are used.

Our first product range was developed for the use in agriculture and precision farming, with the goal to optimize production means usage (fuel, fertilizer, seeds) by permitting precise depth control of agricultural machinery. We collaborate intensively with leading research institutions in order to develop the most precise and reliable systems on the market. The cooperation with renowned industrial enterprises in the field of towing vehicles and farm machines guarantees for simple and standardized use and integration of our systems on all customary used machinery.

The launch of the first Geoprospectors products has taken place at the International Trade Fair for agricultural engineering Agritechnica 2015 in Hannover, Germany. In the course of this fair, the Topsoil Mapper has been awarded with the innovations silver medal. Since then, numerous sensors have been brought to market, our field demo days are visited with great interest and first sales partnerships have been established.