A-Z soil cultivation at Oliver Martin’s field day in Kraichtal

Kraichtal-Oberacker, 12.04.2017

On April 12, 2017, the remarkable combination of the Topsoil Mapper (TSM) from Geoprospectors with a Lemken cultivator (adapted by FarmBlick), which allows the variable ground processing in real time, was demonstrated on a field day in Kraichtal.

After an initial welcome by Rolf Kern (Agricultural Office Bruchsal), the host Oliver Martin (FarmBlick) gave a brief introduction to the subject of Precision Farming.

Lectures on the topic of soil cultivation in the widest sense (soil samples, soil sensors, soil fertility, intercropping) provided a theoretical introduction. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to talk to the experts during the respective demonstrations, or in the different workshops.

After the demonstration of the Topsoil Mapper on a Fendt Vario using a Lemken Grubber (adapted by FarmBlick), Michael Pregesbauer and Michael Kopecky (Geoprospectors - workshop soil sensors) were happy to answer numerous questions from interested farmers.

A main topic was the technology behind the TSM (differences and advantages to other sensors), as well as the application and integration to everyday agricultural routines.

Furthermore, the discussion was dominated by two aspects:

  • The fact that with the TSM it is possible to detect and respond to soil compaction without contact and in real time (i.e., it is no longer necessary to calculate maps in advance),
  • The resulting potential for input savings.

Very interesting inputs also came from Dr. Monika Sobotik (institute for phytosociology), co-author of the "Wurzelatlas mitteleuropäischer Grünlandpflanzen". By means of an especially prepared excavation area, the results of the data collected with the TSM could be validated on the one hand, and on the other, Dr. Sobotik also showed very clearly how plants or roots react to different soil types and compaction areas. 

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