AGROMEK 2016 – Geoprospectors has been awarded with three stars for pioneering innovation in the course of Agromek stars

Danish farmers as well as agricultural service suppliers show great interest in the Topsoil Mapper in combination with variable depth cultivation.

Herning (DK), 29th November – 2nd December 2016

At the end of November 2016 Agromek, Northern Europe's largest agricultural fair - with more than 500 exhibitors – celebrated its 40th year of existence.

Geoprospectors had an appearance together with ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA (Commercial section of the Austrian embassy) to present the Topsoil Mapper to interested visitors. The main goal of participation was to get to know the Danish agricultural landscape, the challenges Scandinavian farmers are faced with, as well as to get in contact with potential resellers.

In the course of the Agromek Stars evaluation, which was executed prior to the fair, all exhibitors had the chance to present their product to an expert jury consisting of potential professional users – farmers, machine pool owners and representatives from the contractor and landscape garden sectors.

315 products have been submitted and were rated with 1-3 stars in terms of their innovation potential. The Topsoil Mapper reached, as one out of 22 products, a three-star score for pioneering innovation. Matthias Nöster (CEO of Geoprospectors) summarized the atmosphere at the fair as follows: „Exhibitors as well as visitors recognized a clearly higher interest compared to Agromek 2014 and relate it to the in general better “mood” in the agricultural environment. Furthermore, the Danish farmers as well as agricultural service suppliers are considered highly interested in innovations for precision farming. Moreover, a tendency towards industrial farming - consolidation of smaller farms in favor of efficiency and productivity – can be observed in Denmark as well.