Geoprospectors at the AGROCOM Polska conference: Precision Agriculture in Poland - today and in future

In mid-February, Polish farmers were able to experience the Topsoil Mapper live at the annual AGROCOM Polska conference.

As part of a lecture series, the latest AG technologies as well as innovations and trends in the agricultural sector were presented to an attentive audience of more than 120 people at the Center for Science and Culture of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Opole in Kamien Slaski.

Michael Kopecky - international sales MANAGER at Geoprospectors - says: "The large number of participants, as well as questions and discussions show that the precision farming topic in Poland has not only just arrived, but is also integrated in daily agricultural routines. Tillage strategies are continuously refined in order to improve efficiency with respect to lower fuel consumption, but at the same time to preserve the valuable resource soil. Together with our Polish host Jerzy Koronczok from AGROCOM Polska, we were able to gain valuable insights into the problems and challenges of the Polish farmers as well as the characteristics of the soils in numerous exciting discussions." In a subsequent demonstration of the Topsoil Mapper the functionality of the sensor was presented to the interested participants.

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