„Born Global Champion“ award for Geoprospectors

On June 26, 2017, 44 young companies were honored as "Born Global Champions" in the “Haus der Wirtschaft” in Vienna within the framework of the 15th day of export organized by the AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA.

The term "Born Globals" refers to young companies, which pursue an international marketing strategy  at a very early stage - usually from the very beginning.

"For us, it was clear in the planning and start-up phase that we had to develop our products for international markets, primarily in countries with large agricultural areas. The pursuit of this strategy has been right up to now, and we are delighted to receive the "Born Global Champion" award from the Chamber of Commerce, "says Mag. Nöster and DI Pregesbauer (CEOs of Geoprospectors GmbH)

 "The award goes to companies that have made a particular contribution to our economy through their success in internationalization. These are young companies - founded in 2012 or later - who were active worldwide from the outset, offering innovative products and services and showing rapid international growth, "emphasized WKÖ (chamber of commerce) president Christoph Leitl in the joint honoring ceremony with minister of the economy Harald Mahrer.

The "Born Global Champions" awards have been awarded since 2015, and a total of 120 companies have been honored since then.

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