Field days: "Profitable agriculture between weather extremes and environmental requirements"

In mid-June, a two-day event organized by the Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia took place in Bad Sassendorf with the topic "Economic agriculture between weather extremes and environmental requirements".

Bad Sassendorf / NRW, Germany, 13th and 14th of June 2017

The event, which was divided into two days, focused on the topics of plant protection (June 13) and soil treatment with a focus on soil compaction (14 June). At the invitation of the Agricultural Chamber, machine manufacturers and farmers as well as technical press were among the visitors.

On the 15-hectare area of Haus Düsse and under the professional supervision of Dr. Norbert Uppenkamp - technical consultant in the area of soil cultivation of the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture - and his dedicated team, the participants were led through the event with short presentations of the individual exhibitors.

The focus of the second day was on soil compaction (loosening / preventing). In the course of the day, a specific trial was arranged with the aim of loosening the compacted tram lines with the cultivators of the different manufacturers present. After the cultivators had loosened an area across the tram lines, the TSM (travelling along the lanes) recorded the loosened and still compacted areas. "With the aid of the collected conductivity data, processed with the Topsoil Data Analyzer, the loosened areas (dark blue), as well as the still compacted areas (light blue), could be displayed in an impressive way," says Kopecky.

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