Over 150 participants saw the demonstration of variable depth subsoiling with the Topsoil Mapper utilizing a Great Plains Flatliner in Issendorf.

Issendorf, April 9, 2017

In the course of the Topsoil Mapper demo tour across Germany, the Geoprospectors sales team around Michael Kopecky presented the TSM on an extremely professional field day of the Koch brothers in Issendorf (Germany).

On the 9th of April, a field day on "Innovative Agriculture" took place on the farm of the Koch family. In the morning, the speakers introduced the topics innovations in the field of agricultural technology/engineering and sensor technology and the equipment was subsequently presented individually to the over 150 interested participants on the field.

Geoprospectors demonstrated variable depth subsoiling utilizing a 4.5m Great Plains Flatliner towed by John Deere 8R. The subsoiling depth range of nearly 600mm was automatically optimized by the Topsoil Mapper. This leads to enormous savings in fuel consumption while increasing work performance.

Already in the run-up to the field day a field test was carried out together with the Koch team, where the tractor was driven unlike to normal operations across the tram lines. This procedure enabled clearly visualizing on the Topsoil Mapper terminal the compaction below the tram lines.

The highlight of the event was an impressive final ride of the John Deere tractors with Great Plains implements and the Topsoil Mapper mounted in the front hydraulics. 

See the video: Variable depth subsoiling with the Topsoil Mapper utilizing a Great Plains Flatliner

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