First US field demo for Geoprospectors’ Topsoil Mapper Basic

The day before the start of the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, Geoprospectors organized the first US field demo for the Topsoil Mapper Basic. The event was hosted by Iowa State University (ISU) at their BioCentury Research Farm in Boone, Iowa. The connection between the US university and the Austrian startup company was established by the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) who had paid visit to Geoprospectors in March 2016.

The field demo was attended by about twenty people from agricultural service providers, industry, media and ISU. Feedback was genuinely positive with people agreeing on the philosophy of the product and the potential for applying the soil information generated by the sensor system. Depending on the specific background of the attendees (tillage, seeding etc.) people saw different value propositions and business cases for the product. Some more straightforward than others, where some additional data and knowhow might be useful to obtain specific application maps.

The TSM went straight on to Oklahoma for extensive testing and will probably remain in the United States for a few months. Organizations interested in renting the system from December 2016 please contact Mario Rathmanner at 

Geoprospectors and ISU are looking into further possibilities for long term cooperation in R&D and product development. In the meanwhile, Geoprospectors will be establishing a US legal entity and will start looking for staff and sales partners based in the US. 

Pictures of the demo