Geoprospectors initiated an exclusive Topsoil Mapper sales partnership with the Austrian company Pessl Instruments GmbH for Australia and New Zealand

Since Agritechnica 2015, where both Pessl Instruments and Geoprospectors were awarded a silver medal for innovation, there has been a regular exchange of ideas between the companies. Pessl Instruments is one of the most innovative and internationally established suppliers of agricultural electronics with a focus on network sensor technology and Internet of Things. The geophysical sensor know-how of Geoprospectors complements very well the moisture, weather and nutrient sensors from Pessl Instruments. In addition to sensor technology, Pessl is also a specialist for the integration and autonomous power supply of these systems.

A new joint venture of Pessl Instruments in Australia was now the occasion for the intensification of the collaboration. With the Topsoil Mapper, Pessl Instruments now offers in Australia and New Zealand a product bundle for agricultural service providers that enables the automation of smart farming practices.

This partnership gives Geoprospectors also the opportunity to increase the level of connectivity of the Topsoil Mapper with other sensor systems and machines.

If this sales model proves to be successful, an expansion to other regions in Africa or South America is conceivable.