International Field Days Ukraine 2017

For the first time the DLG, together with the ALFZ, organized the international field days in the south of Kiev, in Doslidnyzke / Ukraine from 21st - 23rd of June 2017. The event was a machine show with devices adapted to the local conditions / field sizes.

Doslidnytske, Urkraine, 20-23.6.2017

Because of the very fertile soils and the large agricultural areas, Ukraine has enormous agricultural potential but cannot make efficient use of it. ALFZ (Agricultural demo and training center) sees one of the reasons for this in the lack of training of staff in the agricultural sector, as well as the often obsolete technology and methodology.

With the help of trainings, international business partners and internationally organized field days, the ALFZ tries to counter this trend. The participation in the DLG field days is one of them.

Among the more than 100 exhibitors, Geoprospectors was also represented (Stand S29) with the Topsoil Mapper (TSM). The Austrian manufacturer of this agricultural soil sensor sees a great potential on the Ukrainian market. However, in addition to the sensor technology consulting and training activities must be offered in order to explain the advantages and possible applications when used in agricultural routines.

Since 2011, the Innovative Agrarian Center of Kiev (IAK) has been offering such consulting services to Ukrainian farmers. Under the "Precision Farming and Ecological Soil cultivation" service, the data recorded with the TSM by the IAK are converted into application cards for local farms.

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