ÖKL - Agricultural Engineering Seminar "Data Transfer"

"Agriculture 4.0" is currently THE issue for innovative farmers leading to exciting discussions at respective events and demos.

For this reason, a training seminar, held by the Council for Agricultural Engineering and Rural Development (ÖKL), took place on May 10, 2017 in Drösing (AUT).

The exciting seminar set-up, where Precision Farming issues were discussed in three parts, gave visitors the opportunity to first attend lectures on general topics such as ISOBUS or data acquisition on the field. Following the presentations, leading agricultural machine manufacturers had the opportunity to present their innovative products and solutions. The third part was framed by start-ups, which took the opportunity to demonstrate innovative technologies to the public. In this context, the benefits of each single application in everyday agricultural life was vividly demonstrated. Geoprospectors was part of it, too! Michael Kopecky (International Sales at Geoprospectors): "It was a perfect setting to demonstrate the functionality of the Topsoil Mapper. The participants, most of them farmers, took advantage of the opportunity and asked a lot of questions. The atmosphere for conversation was very open and constructive."

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