Plant production 4.0 - Precision Farming

For interested and innovative farmers a closer look was given at precision farming and plant production in Gießhübl near Amstetten in early June.

Gießhübl, Austria, 2nd of June 2017

At the beginning of June, Geoprospectors took the opportunity to present the Topsoil Mapper (TSM), in connection with the theme of soil structure analysis, to interested visitors at the field day in Gießhübl. The Lower Austrian Chamber of Agriculture was responsible for the organization of the event and gave Geoprospectors (represented at this event with a cool black demo sensor) the opportunity to present the Topsoil Mapper in a thematically suitable environment.

In the morning, lectures were held on the topics of parallel guidance systems, site-specific stock management and seed density. In order to give visitors an impression of possible applications, demos were held in the afternoon on the training grounds of the Mostviertler Bildungshof, also relating to the systems and topics presented in the morning.

After the demo with the focus on soil structure analysis, participants took the opportunity to discuss possible applications for the TSM with Michael Kopecky (International Sales at Geoprospectors). Michael Kopecky summarizes the event as follows: "This demo is again proof of the fact that potential customers welcome the demo situation in order to get a better picture of the functionality and application possibilities of the Topsoil Mapper."

Gießhübel 1
Gießhübel 2