Precision Farming – Hardly profitable but enjoyable?

In June, the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture presented the results of the ten-year On Farm research project with lectures, technical presentations as well as field visits and demos at Gut Helmstorf.

Helmstorf, Austria, 7th of June 2017

On Farm Research is a project carried out as a cooperation between the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture and the Helmstorf estate management. The project lasted for a total of 10 years and covered an area of approximately 300 hectares per year. The results were summarized in a presentation in early June at Gut Helmstorf. This study is unique in Germany and throughout Europe in its complexity and scope for the evaluation of site-specific production methods in arable farming.

During the event, a large number of interested farmers as well as researchers from the north of Germany were given the opportunity to learn about the study, with a main focus on "plant sensors at work".

Geoprospectors presented the Topsoil Mapper Pro in combination with a Köckerling cultivator. In the course of the presentation "sensor-controlled variable depth tillage in real time" by Michael Kopecky (International Sales at Geoprospectors), the possibility was discussed to complement the On Farm Research project with soil cultivation issues and to derive a further project based on this topic to look into the relevance for the farmers. As the main bottleneck for the continuation would be funding, the Chamber of Agriculture hopes to obtain financial support from the government in this case.

"The feedback and interest on this field day of visitors from Germany and abroad again showed that the topic of variable soil cultivation in real time offers great potential," says Michael Kopecky.

Gut Helmstorf 1
Gut Helmstorf