The Poznan International Fair Gold Medal awarded to GEOPROSPECTROS for „Real time variable depth tillage with the Topsoil Mapper“

On January 18th Michael Kopecky (Int. sales) had the honour to receive, on behalf of Geoprospectors, the Gold medal at the Poznan International Fair in Poland. The Medal - awarded by the competition jury chaired by Professor Grzegorz Skrzypczak - is certificate and confirmation of the high quality and the innovative value of the honoured product. Polagra-PREMIERY took place from January 18th till 22nd and offered not only expositions of products, but was also accompanied by a program of expert seminars, workshops and shows. 

Geoprospectors submitted the Topsoil Mapper to the MTP Gold Medal competition together with its local partner Agrocom Polska. Jerzy Koronczok CEO of the company and an innovative entrepreneur in the smart farming sector recently also received a silver medal for innovation at the Agritechnica in Hannover. He is always in search of new trends and sees great potential for the TSM in the Polish market.

Michael Kopecky: “This is the 7th edition of Polagra in Poznan and in the last years more than 45.000 annual visitors interested in agriculture and AG-Tech news attended the fair. It’s a perfect matchmaking platform for the Polish market. Thanks to the feedback we received in Poznan we now know that most farmers in Poland are wellprepared for using sensor technology like the Topsoil Mapper.“

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