TSM on Precision Farming Tour de France

Tour durch Frankreich

Geoprospectors presented the Topsoil Mapper from 6 to 13 March 2018 on a Tour de France. Both farmers and various agricultural businesses were visited. The kick-off was at Soufflet in Nogent-sur-Seine. The members of the Precision Farming department showed great interest in the TSM soil sensor. Despite the wet soil, data recording on the foreseen field was no problem.

The Irstea (Institut national de recherche en sciences and technologies pour l'environnement et l'agriculture) a research institute in Montoldre was the next stop. In front of a team of researchers, the TSM was demonstrated on two test fields already screened with other soil sensors. The results (conductivity maps) were in perfect match with the values of the other measurements.

The TSM was also, for the first time, presented on orchards in France at Alexandre Castagné in Castera-Bouzet. Soil conditions were extremely difficult after the heavy rains of last winter. Nevertheless, it was possible to read water content and soil horizons from the raw data.

Cleo, a network that transcends Brittany, formed the penultimate station of our France demo tour. The Hamon family in Guer compared the TSM with a mapping solution already in use. Again, the results were more than convincing. The collected data was evaluated directly with the TSDA. The created maps could be passed on in different OGC (open GIS consortium) compliant formats such as * .shp, * .gtiff or ISOXML (recording in farm management software possible). At the end of the tour there were discussions with the Precision AG specialists of CNH in Etampes. Michael Kopecky, Int. Sales Manager at Geoprospectors, says about his tour through France: "Our soil sensor is also attracting attention in the French agricultural community. The size of the farms in this country makes France an interesting market for Geoprospectors."