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Enclosed please find our newsletter for the month of April with the following topics:

  • Austria’s chancellor Christian Kern visits Geoprospectors
  • New White paper on the topic „Implement control“
  • Review:
    • Fieldday Koch GbR, Issendorf, Germany – 9.4.2017
    • Fieldday Agricultural Office Bruchsal, Kraichtal-Oberacker, Germany – 12.4.2017

* (Austrian Council for Agricultural Engineering and Rural Development)

Besuch Bundeskanzler Kern

Austria’s Chancellor Christian Kern visits Geoprospectors

On April 10th, 2017 the Austrian chancellor Christian Kern and the mayor of Traiskirchen Andreas Babler paid visit to Geoprospectors GmbH where they were presented with a compact overview of the company’s products and business model.


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What is the potential of on-the-fly implement control? Different soil types and soil properties need different application strategies – how can they be applied with the Topsoil Mapper? 

New White Paper on the topic "Implement control” is online. Find out more here.

Demo Koch4

Over 150 participants saw the demonstration of variable depth subsoiling with the Topsoil Mapper utilizing a Great Plains Flatliner in Issendorf.

In the course of the Topsoil Mapper demo tour across Germany, the Geoprospectors sales team around Michael Kopecky presented the TSM on an extremely professionally organized field day of the Koch brothers in Issendorf (Germany).

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Felddemo Martin6

A-Z soil cultivation at Oliver Martin’s field day in Kraichtal (DE)

On April 12th, 2017, the remarkable combination of the Topsoil Mapper (TSM) from Geoprospectors with a Lemken cultivator (adapted by FarmBlick), which allows the variable ground processing in real time, was demonstrated on a field day in Kraichtal. 

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Logo Geoprospectors

Geoprospectors develops and assembles robust and motorized measuring systems for the detailed investigation and evaluation of various soil structures. The Geoprospectors systems are developed and optimized specifically for the agricultural application. They are non- invasive, easy to install and do smoothly integrate with all farming operations. Data management is simple and data interpretation highly automated.

TSM Logo

The Topsoil Mapper (TSM) is the first motorized survey system for large area investigation of the soil parameters soil compaction, soil type and relative water saturation. The product also facilitates variable machine control in real time.

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