Newsletter February 2017

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Enclosed please find our newsletter for the month February with the following topics:

  • Review
    • LAMMA Show
      Great interest in Topsoil Mapper at the LAMMA Show in Peterborough, UK
    • Annual conference of Bulgarian agriculture
      Geoprospectors presents the TSM at the annual conference of Bulgarian agriculture in Varna
    • AROCOM Polska conference
      In the middle of February, Polish farmers had the chance to see the TSM live at the AROCOM Polska conference.
    • San Biagio Fair
      First-time exhibition of the Topsoil Mapper in Italy at the San Biagio in Verona
  • Preview: Geoprospectors Fairs / Demos:
    • PREGA Conference, Budapest, Hungary - 22nd of February 2017
  • Visit of the SOYL (UK) precision farming science team in Austria
  • Financing NEW: Lease your Topsoil Mapper

    Lamma Stand02

    Great interest in the Topsoil Mapper system at the LAMMA Show

    Geoprospectors was represented with its English sales partner SOYL at LAMMA, UK's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery, equipment and services for the agricultural sector in Peterborough. Michael Kopecky was delighted by positive feedback on the Topsoil Mapper in the context of the direct implementation control in combination with the SOYL AUTOdepth System.


    Picture caption: Michael Kopecky (International Sales Geoprospectors)

    BG Jahreskonferenz

    Geoprospectors presents the Topsoil Mapper at the annual conference of the Bulgarian agricultural sector

    With an interesting mix of lectures, reports from agricultural practitioners and the latest industry news, more than 600 visitors and interested people gathered in the Bulgarian town of Varna, where Mario Rathmanner (Business Development Manager at Geoprospectors) took the opportunity to discuss open questions on precision agriculture and variable depth tillage in connection with the TSM sensor and to establish numerous contacts with potential customers.

    Picture caption: Mario Rathmanner (Business Development Geoprospectors)

    Agrocom 2

    Geoprospectors at the AGROCOM Polska CONFERENCE: Precision Agriculture in Poland - today and in future

    In mid-February, Polish farmers were able to experience the Topsoil Mapper live at the annual AGROCOM Polska conference.


    Picture caption: Michael Kopecky (International Sales Geoprospectors)

    Italy Fair

    First exhibition of the Topsoil Mapper in Italy

    The San Biagio agricultural fair in Verona was the first "official" appearance of the Topsoil Mapper sensor in Italy. Our official sales representative, Dr. Davide Misturini, had the opportunity to bring the functionality of the sensor closer to the visitors at the trade fair. The questions and discussions within the framework of the event were all about the importance of soil and its condition. Another issue was the management of the collected data, the evaluation and the practical use for soil tillage and cultivation to reduce costs and increase the profit, says Dr. Misturini

    Besuch Soyl

    Visit of the SOYL precision farming science team at our Geoprospectors office in Austria

    Colleagues from our UK Topsoil Mapper reseller SOYL visited us for coordinating joint activities! The visit was accompanied by interesting and fruitful discussions, planning of demos for interested farmers in the UK and further common developments! Find out more about the Topsoil Mapper and our planned Demos and Fairs.

    Picture caption: Matthias Nöster (CEO Geoprospectors), Sonja Hülsenböck (Marketing/PR Geoprospectors), Michael Pregesbauer (CEO Geoprospectors), Simon Griffin (Technical Manager SOYL), David Whattoff (Agricultural Development Manager SOYL)

    Lease or Buy

    Financing NEW: Financial lease option for the Topsoil Mapper 

    Since the beginning of the year it is possible to lease the TSM. Please ask for your individual offer!

    Logo Geoprospectors

    Geoprospectors develops and assembles robust and motorized measuring systems for the detailed investigation and evaluation of various soil structures. The Geoprospectors systems are developed and optimized specifically for the agricultural application. They are non- invasive, easy to install and do smoothly integrate with all farming operations. Data management is simple and data interpretation highly automated.

    Logo TSM

    The Topsoil Mapper (TSM) is the first motorized survey system for large area investigation of the soil parameters soil compaction, soil type and relative water saturation. The product also facilitates variable machine control in real time.

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