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Countdown Agritechnica: only 104 days left

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We wish you a successful harvest, a great summer and we will be back in September with interesting topics about the Agritechnica, planned innovations and many more exciting contents!

Very best regards, your Geoprospectors team

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Geoprospectors develops and assembles robust and motorized measuring systems for the detailed investigation and evaluation of various soil structures. The Geoprospectors systems are developed and optimized specifically for the agricultural application. They are non- invasive, easy to install and do smoothly integrate with all farming operations. Data management is simple and data interpretation highly automated. 

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The Topsoil Mapper (TSM) is the first motorized survey system for large area investigation of the soil parameters soil compaction, soil type and relative water saturation. The product also facilitates variable machine control in real time.

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Mag(FH) Sonja Hülsenböck

Tel.: +43 2252-508165-0


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Michael Kopecky

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