Topsoil Mapper

TSM (Nahansicht)

The Topsoil Mapper product set consists of three components:

1. Topsoil Mapper (TSM)

The sensor itself is made of robust, entirely non-conductive material, can be used during each pass and is capable of recording soil data autonomously.

The sensor system is available in two versions:

  • The BASIC version permits offline mapping of a field based on the parameters of soil type, water saturation, and compaction.
  • The PRO version performs data processing in real time, visualises the calculated working depths on the terminal, and transfers a rule-based control set to the agricultural machine, which can subsequently be controlled to an accuracy of one centimetre in real time.

NEWS: Recently we have begun to offer the option of integrating the TSM directly into the front weight. The advantages?

  • The installation of front weight and TSM can be achieved in a single step.
  • The sensor is also protected against environmental conditions.

2. Topsoil Visualizer (TSV)

The role of the Topsoil Visualizer is to process automatically the recorded soil information up to the machine control. Soil parameters, such as variable working depth, are calculated from the measurement data collected.

3. Topsoil Data Box (TSDB)

Our web portal allows field-related visualisation of the soil parameters recorded, with the user being able to select different map displays. Output is also available as a geo-referenced data set for further processing in the company’s internal geo-information system.