Geophysical Airborne Exploration

DA42 MPP Terrastar

Our specialized sensor solutions are tailor-made to the different requirements of our customers.

THE TARGET - To equip special mission aircrafts by creating aerial turn key solutions with the latest and most sensitive sensor technology and thereby enabling geophysical airborne surveys of geological structures of inaccessible and remote areas.

  • Exploration of oil, gas and mineral deposits
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Geological structure mapping, mapping of non-magnetic lithologies, estimating unit thickness and continuity depth
  • Pipeline and sub surface infrastructure monitoring
  • Discrimination between cultural and small geological sources such as Kimberlite
  • Nuclear deposit and hazard detection

The measuring systems that we develop fit perfectly with the limits of your overall system requirements. During development we rely on long-time experience and a wide range of sensors in different usage scenarios.

Our partnership with Diamond Aircraft is based on a common goal: Offering the client the highest product quality by combining both long-term experience and expertise in developing and assembling special mission aircrafts and high-tech sensor technology.

"All integrated sensors in combination with the aircraft composite construction deliver ideal measurement results of highest quality. The unique and simple operation is an additional benefit for a possible single pilot operation." DI Michael Pregesbauer, CEO, Geoprospectors GmbH

Special Mission Aircraft

The DA42 MPP Terrastar is the first aerial turnkey sensor platform worldwide that carries both radiation detection and magnetometer sensors. The sensor systems developed by Geoprospectors make it possible that radiation and magnetic monitoring can be conducted during one single flight - saving time and money.

For more Information on special mission aircrafts get in contact with our aviation partner Diamond Aircraft

DA42 MPP Terrastar - sensor components

  • VLF Sensor (Very Low Frequency)
  • Magnetic Sensor Electronics
  • Magnetic Sensor Head
  • Gamma Ray Detector (Autonomous working spectrometer with 4 Litre or 8 litre crytal
  • Gravity on request 

DA42 MPP Terrastar - advantages at a glance

  • Turnkey solution for VLF, radiation and magnetic monitoring - simple operation
  • Easily combinable with other sensor systems for increased mission options
  • More cost-effective than similar solutions
  • Ideal signal/noise ratio due to the low interference rate of the aircraft composite construction
  • Highly sensitive state-of-the-art detectors - compliant with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
  • Advanced data analysis and processing
  • Rapid coverage of huge areas (> 1000 line km per flight)
  • Long endurance (8 hrs) and maintenance intervals (100 hrs)
  • Worldwide operability due-to multi-fuel certified jet fuel engines (Jet-A, Jet-A1, TS-1, RT, JP-8, and No. 3 Jet fuel)