Kartierung Bestandsplan EN

Utility mapping in the urban area 

Sometimes only incomplete management plans are available in case of new construction measures in the urban area. In this case, a solid foundation for the planned projects can be obtained using the results collected from ground penetrating radar. Based on this, it is possible to further create clear and complete infrastructure plans.



Dam surveying

Below you will find an example of a dam measurement. By means of the measurement results, information on different horizontal compaction areas, disturbances due to construction work (partial excavation for the laying of pipes) and groundwater levels can be seen here.


Trans Austria gas pipeline 

The following illustration shows a ground penetration radar measurement of the Trans Austria gas pipeline. The compaction areas of the excavated trenches for the construction of the pipeline are very clearly visible. Furthermore, the first reflection of the radar wave on the pipeline can easily be seen and is marked with a red circle in the graph below.

Geologische Kartierung

Subsoil investigations 

Geological mapping, i.e. the systematic exploration and description of the geological conditions, provides basic insights into the geological structure and the existing rock units of an investigation area. The results of the geological mapping are presented, inter alia, in the form of geological maps. See an example below: