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Which penetration depths are possible with a GPR sensor?

The depth of electromagnetic wave penetration is strongly dependent on local ground conditions. These depths are calculated in normal geological environment, absent of low resistive layers.

Maximum penetration depths are based on excellent radar conditions, such as fresh water/ice, limestone, dry sand, moraine and concrete. Depths vary greatly with water saturation in the medium.

Signal penetration depth_grün

The following graph shows the signal penetration depth for different materials.

The equipment used has to be adjusted individually according to the condition of the subsoil (single-channel/multi-channel radar) in order to achieve an optimum output.

What are the costs for different mapping methods?

Since the measurement requirements are usually different, this also applies to the costs. The following parameters must be considered when creating an offer:

  • The size and nature of the area to be surveyed.
  • Equipment used (single-channel / multi-channel radar) 

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