Smart AG

Growing precision AG to the next level

Our soil sensor Topsoil Mapper is an important tool to map and better understand agricultural soils. To implement the technology on the largest possible scale, we have developed the SmartAG Technology platform for agronomists and farmers that have to manage large agricultural areas. To access this platform we provide our sensor in a "Hardware-as-a-Service model" at very low investment costs. 

Measuring Soil EC (Electrical conductivity), the sensor provides the core data layer which is then enriched with other data available, to define accurate management zones within the individual fields. The resulting zone maps can be used as a reliable basis for variable rate prescription maps.


Arable land is not homogeneous! Differences in soil require variable application of inputs.

This variable rate application of agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizer, water) leads to

  • Reduction of inputs
  • Increase of outputs
  • Conservation of arable land


TSM schwarz1

SmartAG establishes an efficient workflow from EC raw data to management zones to prescription maps. The core elements of the work flow are:

  • Highly efficient EC mapping with the Topsoil Mapper
  • Fusion of EM data with other relevant data (weather, topography, NPK data from soil samples)
  • Large data pool and machine learning help to identify accurate management zones
  • Additional knowledge base to support informed decision making (prescription maps) through farmer or agronomist


Business Model

With SmartAG we are targeting agronomist that analyse large areas of arable land. 

To keep investment costs for them low, we provide the Topsoil Mapper in a Hardware-as-a-Service model. 

The agronomists benefit from our SmartAG workflow and can create valuable prescription maps for the farmers. 

The revenues (usually hectare based) are shared between the agronomist and Geoprospectors as well as possible third parties financing/providing the hardware to the agronomist. 

In the end the farmer should make additional profits per hectare that are several times the price of the mapping service.